IBM Data Science Professional Capstone

Battle at the Bars

So about a month ago, I started taking a series of courses from Coursera to earn the IBM Data Science Professional certificate. This is part of the Capstone Project signifying the completion of my coursework. It has been a long, fun, and knowledge filled journey. I really have to thank the guys at Coursera and IBM for putting together an amazing class!

In this project I leverage the Foursquare API and the 2019 Calls for Service database available from the Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD), the administrative office of 9-1-1 for the City of New Orleans.

The goal was to come up with a top 10 best and worst bars using only the data, python, and jupyter notebooks.

In this project I learned so much! I feel proficient in python to take on some serious challenges and even learned machine learning, AI, IBM Watson Studio, Jupyter Notebooks, DB2, and SQL databases!

Take a look for yourself in the final report!

Check out the Code!


Shout out to Pat O'Brien's for being the #1 Bar in New Orleans, and one of the safest!