Inactive LUN Paths on ESXi host.

Post date: May 23, 2016 5:39:00 PM



Checks ESXi Host lun paths for Dead Path scenerio.


Created to check and look for Paths that are not "active". If paths are found, they are listed for that host.


.\GET-DeadPath.ps1 <ESXi Name>


.\GET-DeadPath.ps1 *


Author: KnightUSN

Version: 1.0 May 2016



[parameter(Mandatory = $true)]



$VHs = Get-VMHost $Param -State Connected

ForEach ($VH in $VHs){

$VHcli = $VH | Get-ESXcli

Write-Host "Checking "$" for Dead Path"

$ | ?{$_.state -ne "active"}